150 Cats Moved Out of Home

150 Cats Moved Out of Home

Even if you really love cats, would you move into a home that had more than 100 of them? Probably not, though there are some folks out there that want to cohabitate with the friendly feline.

People who live with hundreds of animals are known as animal hoarders. In recent weeks, the home of one animal hoarder in Reidsville was raided and over 150 cats were removed from the woman’s home. This isn’t Carolyn Johnson’s first offense. About four years ago, over 100 cats were taken from her home in a similar raid.

Animal activists are fighting for changes to the law that would make it harder for people to hoard animals. The raid was done only after several people complained. Many of the animals moved were sick and had to be euthanized.

However, Johnson claims the animals were treated well and she was attempting to save them from being put to sleep at animal shelters. Many of the surviving cats were relocated to local shelters, some of which will spay and neuter the animals.

Though we don’t know the exact condition Johnson’s home was in, we can only imagine. Would you want to move into that house after hundreds of cats had been kept there? This gives us a good idea as to why many landlords require an animal deposit or fee when renters move in with pets.

Lance Grooms