3 Easy Tips for Moving on a Budget

3 Easy Tips for Moving on a Budget

Moving Budget TipsUnfortunately, when it comes to moving there are plenty of ways to overspend.  Sometimes, moving on your own can cost as much as, if not more than, choosing the wrong moving company during your relocation.  The best way to avoid breaking the bank during your long distance or local move is to follow these three easy tips for moving on a budget.

Research the Moving Company

Remember, just because the moving company has the lowest quote for your move doesn’t mean you’ll be spending the least amount of money.  Often, a company that offers a quote that is too good to be true often is.  You risk an unsafe move and increase the risk of damage to your personal belongings.  Low quotes are also often accompanied by additional fees that aren’t fully explained.

Meet with the Movers First

Before you move, meet with the movers to get a feel for how they handle things.  There is nothing wrong with asking to meet the moving company crew beforehand.  This will afford you the opportunity to find out how your items will be packed and transported.  If you are really concerned, ask to watch another family’s move before your own.

Make Donations Prior to the Move

The more you move, the more you will pay the moving company.  So, take a look around your house.  Do you have items that you don’t use regularly?  If so, you may want to consider donating or selling them before you move.  If you end up selling such items, you have a little extra money in the pocket and a slightly lower moving bill.

– Jon Huser