5 Real Estate Tech Trends

5 Real Estate Tech Trends

Today, the real estate industry is an extensive user of technology. Realtors use their smartphones to run their offices and house-hunters use newly designed apps to find homes that they might consider moving into. We’ve put together some of the most recent real estate tech trends to share with you. Check them out!

Single-Property Websites

A lot of people start their search for a new home online, so many realtors and sellers have begun to dominate the Internet. However, these aren’t the same house-hunting websites as a few years ago where there are plenty of listings. Now, there is an abundance of single-property websites that focus on just one property.

Seller Involvement

The seller also gets his or her own website when their property goes up for sale. Usually, there’s a checklist that the realtor needs to complete – this lets the seller know exactly where in the process they are. This is a great way for the seller to hold the realtor accountable for their responsibilities in shifting the house off the market.

Bar Code Your House

What? The brochure is still a staple of house hunting, but if you really want to get new people moving in, use a bar code. Quick Response (QR) codes are making a huge dent in the housing industry. The code can be placed almost anywhere and allows people with smartphones to scan it and be taken to a dedicated page online.


Everyone loves a video, which is why it has become such an important real estate tool. People want to watch, not read these days, so a good video tour of the property posted online can really make a difference when people are considering buying and moving into a given house.

Talking Door

The lockbox has come a long way. Electronic lockboxes can determine which agent has made the visit, how long they stayed, and send an email to the visiting agent and home seller.

Jon Huser.