5 Reasons to Buy a Home

5 Reasons to Buy a Home

Buying a home is a big step.  Relocation is also an important decision.  Of course, if you decide to move into a home of your own, you already know that it is a sound investment.  Purchasing your own house can be so rewarding, but did you know there are some other reasons to buy your own house?  Below is a quick look at the top five reasons to move into a home of your own.

1.    You can get a good deal on the price.  Although the foreclosure rate is quite high, there are also plenty of great deals to be had.  In fact, prices are down about 30% which means if you have the finances, now is the time to buy.

2.    You can get an affordable mortgage.  Currently, the average for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is actually at 4.3 percent.  That means the cost to own your own home is down from just a couple of years ago.

3.    Buying a house can save you money on taxes.  When you relocate to your own home, the deductions for the mortgage interest and other expenses may assist with the extra costs of owning your own home.

4.    You can get a better home.  In many markets, the nicest homes are the ones you can buy instead of rent.

5.    It will be yours.  Moving into your own home means that it is yours.  You can paint the walls, install shelves, and make any other changes without any restrictions from the landlord.

Jon Huser