A Few Weeks Before You Move

A Few Weeks Before You Move

Preparing to moveThe countdown to your move is on! You’ve been planning and preparing for your upcoming relocation for the last couple of months, and the big day is right around the corner. But, you aren’t in the clear yet – there are things you need to prepare for, a few weeks before the move as well. Here’s what to remember.

3 Weeks Before Moving
About three weeks before you move, you need to start thinking about what you’ll be doing with your kids during the move. Of course, if they are old enough to lend a hand during the relocation, let them. If you need to arrange for a babysitter for moving day, now is the time. Remember, the key is to make sure your kids are occupied and safe during the move.

While you consider arrangements for the kids, you should also take a look around your house. Do you have library books to return? Do you have the iced tea pitcher that belongs to the couple down the street? Are there clothes at the dry cleaner?

2 Weeks Before Moving
Two weeks before you move, you should be thinking of tying up any loose ends. Though the move is right upon you, there things that many people often forget. Here’s what to add to your checklist:

• Make arrangements for utility connections.
• Make final packing decisions.
• Clean out the closest, basement, and attic.
• Transfer your bank accounts if you need to.
• Empty your safe deposit box.
• Transfer your medical records and prescriptions.
• Use up the food in your freezer.
• Get rid of flammable items.
• Drain the oil and gas from your power tools and lawn mower.

Jon Huser