A Quick Guide to Renters’ Insurance

A Quick Guide to Renters’ Insurance

Make sure to get renters' insuranceIt doesn’t matter where you move – whether it is just across the street or across the country – there are going to be things you need to settle once you’ve found your new home.  This is especially true if you plan on renting a house or apartment.  In addition to making arrangements with moving companies, changing your address, and setting up your utilities, you need to get renter’s insurance.  Yes, you do need renter’s insurance.  Here’s the skinny on what it’s all about.

Renter’s insurance covers all of your possessions within your rented home, so it is a good idea to have it when you move.  There are other benefits as well.  Your belongings are covered in cases of fire, floods, accidental breakage, theft, and other covered disasters.  The insurance also covers your stuff when it is outside the home.

You need renter’s insurance to protect yourself financially.  While your landlord is responsible for your apartment, even after you move in, he or she is not responsible for the contents within your dwelling.  For instance, if your apartment is broken into and the thieves steal your television set, your landlord is only responsible for the damage they cause to the apartment.

Getting renter’s insurance is easy.  You can get it before you move or when you move in.  Most policies are incredibly affordable – ranging between $10 and $30 each month.  Many homeowner’s insurance companies as well as auto insurance carriers offer rental insurance so why not get started on your search today?

Jon Huser