Alice in Wonderland Fans May Love Psychedelic Mushroom House

Alice in Wonderland Fans May Love Psychedelic Mushroom House

Are you a fan of “Alice in Wonderland?”  Whether you love Lewis Carroll’s literary classic or Tim Burton’s more recent (and twisted) film version, there’s a house for you in Perinton, New York.  In fact, the biggest die-hard Alice fan may want to move right in after they read this post!

The house is listed at a mere $1.1 million and it is really a sight to see.  The Mushroom House is a psychedelic twist on any modern home and will likely appeal to any bohemian looking to relocate.  The mushroom-shaped house lifts its inhabitants to the structure’s surroundings for a bird’s eye view of the tree canopy.  Five pods, or columns, support the house.

Though many people mistake the pods’ pattern for a toadstool, it’s actually influenced by Queen Anne’s lace.  So, we’re guessing you won’t find the giant caterpillar sitting on top of the house!

In 1989 the Mushroom House was designated a landmark and many people flock to the small town to catch a glimpse of it when they can.  In addition to the groovy shape, waterfalls, moving streams, and fields of flowers surround the house.  This makes sense when you learn James H. Johnston designed it in the early 1970s when flower power was still pretty strong.

The Mushroom House is actually the most visited house in the western New York region.  So, whether people are relocating to the neighborhood or not, they all want to see this house!  Now that it’s up for sale, we’re wondering how many people have booked an appointment just to see what it’s like inside.

Lance Grooms