Amenities in State of the Art Hotels

Amenities in State of the Art Hotels

Staying in a hotel, for either business or vacation purposes, should always be a relaxing and rewarding time.  If you can afford it, you might be seeking a luxury hotel, which should always equate with having top-notch rooms, including cutting edge amenities, at your disposal.  So what should you look for to make your stay both leisurely and purposeful?

If you require a hotel for business purposes make sure the hotel offers all the corporate necessities – check that your hotel has wireless internet access and desk space in your room to allow you to work efficiently away from your office.  Some high end hotels have very elaborate computer work stations, allowing you to extend your laptop to the flat screen tv in your room for working or watching video content from your computer.  There are even hotels that have behind-the-mirror and under-floor mounted televisions in the bathroom so you can watch TV or work while you, um, “do your business”. 

You may be attending a conference in one of the conference rooms in the hotel, make sure they provide audiovisual equipment.  Nicer meeting facilities will have digital white boards, wireless microphones, and HD presentation capabilities.  You may need to have some smaller meetings with business partners/contacts but would feel uncomfortable doing this in your hotel room, so again, ensure that the hotel has small meeting rooms with all your technical needs.  These may include wall mounted monitors, wireless speaker phone, ergonomic chairs, and even cell phone “jammers” to ensure there are no unwanted distractions. 

After a hard day’s work you may want to unwind by the pool or workout in the hotels’ gym.  Many luxury hotels today have expanded state of the art gyms, rivaling many full service fitness centers.  After sweating out the stress of the day, a drink at the pools swim-up sports bar to catch the game will make your stay even more enjoyable.  Some casino hotels are even offering new high tech in-the-water blackjack tables. 

If you are on vacation, you still want a luxury hotel with top quality furniture and fixtures.  A few hotels are offering room service requests via the Internet, as sometimes you may just want to relax in your hotel room.  Maybe you just want to relax watching a movie on a widescreen TV in an adjustable bed for comfortable viewing.  Whatever you choose, many hotels are working hard to incorporate new technology to make your stay more enjoyable.

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