Apartment Safety for Female Renters

Apartment Safety for Female Renters

There’s no doubt that crime is an equal-opportunity offender. It can strike men, women and children. However, there just seems to be a higher instance of female renters with safety issues. So, what should a female renter do when moving into a new apartment to ensure her safety?

Before You Move In

Before you move into your apartment, or even sign the lease, you need to make sure that your locks are changed. Get this in writing. You never know who may have lived there before you moved in. The building manager will always need to approve this request and they will always need a copy of your key.

When You Move In

Once you move in, you may be asked how you want your name to appear in the residential directory, as posted in the lobby. It is a good idea not to list your first and last name – just choose your first initial and last name. That way, you aren’t singled out as a female living alone.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Some of the best safety tips involve common sense. If you live alone, and even if you don’t, it is never a good idea to leave your door unlocked. This is true even if you are running down the hall to throw away the trash.

Once you move in, you might also want to get to know your neighbors. Know what their habits, schedules, and patterns are. Try to watch out for each other. If possible, do laundry together so that no one is alone in the Laundromat or basement washing clothes.

Jon Huser