Arbor Day festivities to treat the environment

Arbor Day festivities to treat the environment

Arbor Day has existed since 1872. The foundation that keeps track of Arbor Day activities around the world was established in 1972 at the centennial.  The foundation provides a number of recommendations for your local Arbor Day, should you need information.  Arbor Day is meant to be about the environment and most particularly about plants and trees.

This year you could celebrate Arbor Day, which falls on April 27th 2012, by planting new trees and plants at your new home.  If you have recently moved, now is the season to be out in the garden and landscaping your new home.  By adding in new plants or trees you can truly feel that it is your home.

It is a good way to remember your relocation too.  Every time you look at the new tree or plants you put in, you can remember that 2012 was the year you moved because of the maturity your plants will reach as they grow.  The height and blooms can determine the age of the plants, thus you always have something to remember your relocation.

Arbor Day can definitely be used as a reminder for you with regards to starting a new life, even if it was down the street from your old one or half way around the world.  Plants are always a good way to keep track of memories.  You tend to put your care in these plants, thus helping you to reminisce about the old times.

Jon Huser