Are There Money-Saving Options for Car Moving?

Are There Money-Saving Options for Car Moving?

Can You Save Money When Moving Your Car?You want to move your car across the country but don’t want to break the bank. Are there any money-saving options out there for moving your car?

Moving Options

If you want to save some money moving your car, consider terminal-to-terminal service. This will save you money over the door-to-door service. A terminal is basically a hub where the cars are loaded and unloaded. If you can pick up your car at a terminal rather than have it delivered to your home, it will cost less. Another way to save money is to do a combination of the two. Perhaps you can deliver the car or pick it up at either end of the move.

Driving the Car

Another money-saving alternative for moving your car is to have someone drive it for you, if you can’t drive it yourself. Some moving companies offer this option, or you can ask a friend. However, you will need to feel completely comfortable with this option, as someone will be driving your car.


When you move your car, you do need to get additional insurance in case the car is damaged along the way. Instead of using the car hauler’s insurance, consider using your own – you may be able to add a rider to your existing plan for the move. Get a couple of quotes before making a decision.

Jon Huser