Are Tiny Houses the Future?

Are Tiny Houses the Future?

Whether you like it or not, the idea of living in a small space has been around for centuries.  Today, living in a small space has become less popular and moving into a smaller house is often synonymous with downgrading, but is a tiny house the way of the future?

Minimalistic living – or the idea of living in a small space – is becoming more and more popular.  The range of small homes you can move into range from the ridiculous to the very cute to the sublime, so there really is something for everyone.

Some small, ready to move into homes, have been built from shipping containers.  Yes, that’s right, shipping containers.  Put two or three of them together and you have a home that measures between 700 and 900 square feet.

Other small homes are even smaller than that.  For example, there are a slew of pre-fab homes measuring about 420 square feet.  But, they do have separate rooms.  These pre-fab homes are sometimes sold online – even eBay!  Have you ever considered moving into a home you bought on eBay?

But, if smaller homes are the way of the future, how do you manage moving into such a small house?  Downsizing your possessions may very well be the most challenging part of this move.  Where do you put your shoes?  What about your books?

The key to storage in any small house is creativity and shelves.  Line a single wall of your home with shelves for your books and other small goods.

Jon Huser