Are You Ready for a Space Age Home?

Are You Ready for a Space Age Home?

If you think you live in a modern home, you might want to think again.  Sure, midcentury architecture was all about the space age, the future, and modern materials, but it was also one of the most incredible times in Southern California design, especially in Palm Springs.  The Hollywood rich and famous moved in and out of some real space age looking homes.

William Krisel is one of the best-known midcentury architects, and one of his most well known work is right in Palm Springs – right across the street from the chic Palm Springs Racquet Club.  The Racquet Club Road Estates was designed with the middle-class masses in mind.  At the time, people moved right in.

The homes were first completed in 1959, and the history of the area is actually preserved on its own website.  The homes all have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and are about 1,225 square feet each.  Families moved into the post-and-beam constructed homes with soaring rooflines and open floor plans.  All very modern to say the least.

While the homes all have the same floor plans inside, they are differentiated with five roofline plans.  This way, homeowners had a sense of individuality when they moved in.  The kitchens definitely have a space age feel.  The oven is built in the wall while some of the kitchen fittings themselves act as walls between rooms.  The homes were actually some of the first to have kitchen islands for food preparation.

Jon Huser