Preparing Your Classic Car for Storage

Preparing Your Classic Car for Storage

Whether you are relocating or just need a temporary solution, storing your classic car is a big deal.  Preparing your classic car for storage involves quite a few steps, especially if you want the car to remain in good condition.  So whether you have a 1965 Corvette or a 1956 Porsche, you should talk to a classic car mechanic who specializes in vintage car care.

While we are no experts on storing vintage cars, we do have a few tips that you should keep in mind.  Take these suggestions and use them as a guide when getting ready to prepare your vintage car for storage.  These tips are listed in no particular order.

  • Change the oil.  This will prevent the oil from thickening while the car is in storage.
  • Fill up the gas tank.  Adding a stabilizer will help prevent the engine from rusting and will protect the fuel system.
  • Disconnect the battery.  Doing so will prevent corrosion and leakage of acid.
  • Clean your car both inside and out.  This will help avoid rust from taking over.  Keeping the car clean, especially before storage, will also help protect your paint job.
  • Always use a car cover to prevent fading and dirt build up while the car is stored.
  • Use tire jacks to prevent flat spots and weight damage.

We know that your vintage car is your baby, so we really hope you take these guidelines to heart when prepping your car for long-term storage!

Jon Huser