Assessing the Value of Your Household Goods

Assessing the Value of Your Household Goods

You’ve probably heard about the need to assess the value of your household goods if you plan to buy moving valuation “insurance” as most call it, but how do you actually go about doing so? We’ve put together some tips to keep in mind. Remember, you’ll want to assess the value before you call the movers!

  1. Make a list of all your significant pieces of furniture, appliances, electronics, glassware, china, and other household items. Number the list and give each item an approximate weight.
  2. If you have a large number of any items, such as books, dishes, clothes and so on, you can assign each box a weight. Remember to number the boxes accordingly.
  3. On your list, give each item or box a replacement value. This is what it will cost to replace the contents with similar items.
  4. Take photographs of all your pieces, especially anything that is of high financial or sentimental value. This will definitely help if you ever have to make a claim.
  5. Add up the number of items on your list, the total weight, and the total replacement value. Keep this on hand when you call the moving company to discuss relocation services.

When you call the moving companies, your assessment will help determine if the moving company’s required liability is enough to protect you. If not, you may consider purchasing additional valuation coverage.

Remember, if you are moving fine art, antiques or valuable instruments, you need to inform the moving company, as these types of items will require additional coverage and special packing during the move.

Jon Huser