Baseball remembers Robinson

Baseball remembers Robinson

The baseball season is starting up and you might want to get out your uniforms and start heading to the baseball field if you have one in the city where you live.  If you are an extreme fan you might even think about relocating to a city that is home to your favorite baseball team.

Already the season has seen quite a few interesting games, such as the Rockies in Denver, CO, who beat the San Francisco Giants with a win of 17 to 8.  This team has rarely managed to get more than one or two hits in a game, along with keeping the other team around zero to four.  To have such great hits all in one game is amazing.  The fact is that with the season starting up there is every chance that more great games will be seen.

If you’re a FAN-atic you might have to relocate just to get to the playoffs this year, although it could be a temporary relocation.  Of course, if you truly want to pay homage to your favorite all time star, consider moving to Brooklyn.  Brooklyn was the home to Jackie Robinson in his breakout career as part of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  It still has one of the greatest teams in history with some of the best players in the history of baseball.

Many of the clubs around the USA have also been offering special pre-game ceremonies with the opening of the first games of the year in order to remember Robinson.  The Dodgers held one of the most spectacular pre-game shows, with Robinson’s daughter sitting in the seats.

Jon Huser