Basement tips for your new home

Basement tips for your new home

Did you recently relocate to a place that has a basement?  Perhaps you were unconcerned about the relocation to a home with a basement, but have found that you want to make something out of it?

Some basements are large enough to be turned from an unfinished basement into a new room.  It could be your second child’s new room, or perhaps an entertainment room.  Theaters are best when there is little light coming in, so you might want to make your basement into the entertainment room, with surround sound, Blu-ray player, huge TV and much more.

The first thing to do when you have used the basement for temporary storage during your move is to set off a bug bomb.  You never know when bugs might get in or have traveled with you during the move, so let a bug bomb off to kill anything that might have relocated with you.

Next find a place for storage, or unpack the boxes that you have left alone till now.  Once the basement is cleared out you will need to find out what type of work is necessary to get the basement finished, up to code and ready for your new room, whatever it might be.  Also before you change the basement into something like a room, check your flood plain.  Basements are known for leaking, especially in an older home, so do not go to all of the trouble just to find out that everything suddenly became soaked with a new rain.

Jon Huser