Basic Household Items Storage Tips

Basic Household Items Storage Tips

As you continue getting ready to move, you may want to know a little bit more about the different storage options available to you.  Many folks decide to find a self-storage unit and pack their own belongings up, which is often the most affordable method.  But, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may be quite unhappy when you unpack everything.

The key to preparing your household items for storage is to make sure that you have the right packing materials.  You’ll need plenty of cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, and other stuff such as packing popcorn, newspaper, tissue paper, and bubble wrap.  These items, along with rope, packing tape, and markers will definitely help storing your items a lot easier.  You can usually find all the supplies you need at your local storage facility, packing store, or even an office supply store.

When it comes to packing your boxes up, fill all of them up to full capacity, but do not overfill them.  It is important that the box not break apart after you have filled it.  All the empty space inside the boxes should be filled with the loose packing materials such as newspaper and popcorn.

If you are planning on storing heavier items including books and appliances, it is a good idea to pack them in their own boxes.  This way, they will be easier to handle during your relocation.  Also, if you are storing heavy items it is a good idea to use smaller boxes.

Jon Huser