Before You Hire a Moving Company

Before You Hire a Moving Company

If you feel a little overwhelmed about hiring a moving company, you are not alone. With so many options out there, it can be a challenge even deciding how to start! When it comes to moving, if you don’t hire the right company, you can be in for a real nightmare. Learning what you need to know before you sign on the dotted line can be a big help.

Always Do Your Homework

It’s a good idea to start off by researching at least 10 different movers and narrowing down the list. So, take a look at their history, check their references, and look for the signs of rogue movers. This is a good time to check out any complaint boards for the movers you are considering.

Always Ask Questions

Before you even bother having a moving company come out to see your house and provide an estimate, do a little interview over the phone. Ask a series of questions and you can narrow your list from 10 to about 3.

Decide on the Type of Estimate You Want

In the moving industry, there are usually two types of estimates – binding and nonbinding. Before you ask, learn a little bit about each one because estimates can get confusing. Ask the moving company what they offer as far as estimates go.

Check on the Extra Fees

Plenty of moving companies will offer all sorts of services, but remember they aren’t always included in the base price. Find out if there could be any additional fees tacked onto your bill ahead of time.

Jon Huser