Heart Month Press Release

February  10, 2011


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BMS Moving & Storage A-1 Movers, Inc., to Partner with Rush-Copley Heart & Vascular Institute For Presentation to be Given at Plank Junior High

WARRENVILLE, IL. – On Friday, February 11 representatives from BMS Moving & Storage A-1 Movers, Inc. and Rush-Copley Heart & Vascular Institute will be making a presentation to Plank Junior High in Oswego, Illinois.  The representatives from each organization will speak about the importance of a class project to Cynthia Gandy’s 8th grade Home Economics class and present Gandy and the junior high with a donation.  Each student in Gandy’s class layout, stuff, and sew a red heart-shaped pillow and write a letter to be given to each heart patient at Rush-Copley.  

The desire to show gratitude began when Dave Moran, father of BMS Moving & Storage A-1 Executive Vice President, Lori Moran, was given a red heart-shaped pillow after his heart surgery at Rush-Copley.  The Moran family was so touched by the pillow and letter from a student named Cody, that Moran called the school to find who Cody was and wanted to thank him personally. 

Moran spoke to Cynthia Gandy, the Home Economics teacher who explained the project.  Moran was told that each student pays $5 to make a pillow and must write a letter to the recipient.  Gandy also explained that not all of the students can afford to pay for the materials to make the pillow, in which case the school would paid for those students.  Moran said “I felt the need to do something to help those children who were helping the many patients who were about to receive planned and unplanned heart surgery.” 

Moran recalled walking through the Intensive Care Unit and saw so many red heart-shaped pillows it brought tears to her eyes not only because her father was a patient but also because so many others were as well.  Moran immediately decided to help the children help the heart patients.  Moran sent out an email regarding this worthwhile cause to BMS Moving & Storage A-1 Movers, Inc. and many other companies.  Moran included the letter that was written by the student that her father received.  Moran’s dedication to the cause yielded many cash donations and supplies for the students.

 Through Moran’s action to rally support she spoke to Dr. Guynn, Mr. Moran’s surgeon and also Gandy in regards to visit the school.  Moran stated that “Dr. Guynn has been a big supporter in this project and he wants to participate again in speaking to the children on this wonderful thing they are doing.” Gandy was extremely happy to help make it happen. 

Moran said that the pillow that the student made for her father means so much to her and her family.  In addition, Moran said, “It also teaches the students about caring for others, sharing and donating their time and money; it teaches the students to be a better person and to want to be a better person.  It is about people helping people in such a small way.”  That is what Moran and her staff, along with the staff from Rush Copley will be doing on February 11; sharing and donating time to help people.

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