Bentley to move to Virginia from Massachusetts

Bentley to move to Virginia from Massachusetts

Bentley has announced that it will be shifting its corporate headquarters.  The automobile manufacturer revealed earlier this month that it intended to perform a relocation of its corporate headquarters from its current locale in Boston, Massachusetts all the way to Herndon, Virginia to the offices of Volkswagen Group of America.

The move, which is believed to be a part of the company’s strategic realignment of its regional operations, is expected to allow Bentley to obtain a clearer focus on one of the most important regions within the United States, with the moves expected to have taken place by the close of this year.

“The US is our biggest market and the relocation will allow Bentley to focus our resources on our brand and to take further advantage of synergies with the Volkswagen Group here in the US,” says the CCO and president for Bentley Motors Inc, Christophe Georges.

The chief executive officer and president of the Volkswagen Group of America, Jonathan Browning, commented: “We welcome the Bentley team to our Volkswagen Group of America headquarters.”

Browning went on to say that their greatest strength was the power of the iconic brands under their banner all across the world and that as each and every one of those brands continues to grow, so too does the supporting administration needed to expand in kind.  Browning points out that Audi, Lamborghini, VW and now Bentley all being in the same location makes it much easier for them to provide a high level of support.

Jon Huser