Blue Spruce Auto gets set to move east

Blue Spruce Auto gets set to move east

After over 16 years of dealing in used cars at its site on North Broadway, which is located in Boulder, Blue Spruce Auto is moving on.  The auto dealership is to make a move east, moving its operation and its vehicles to the former Ford and Kia dealership located at 3200 28th Street. This site was most recently playing home to a number of ‘green’ businesses, including Green Garage, which also just recently underwent relocation to a new home.

The company’s decision to relocate from 4403 Broadway might also result in progress finally being made on the proposed mixed-use development for the site, which is located just north of Broadway.  In September last year, use and site review applications were filed with the city by Emerald Investment LLC to develop six 12-unit duplex residential buildings and three commercial properties, with 13 residential units sitting on top of retail and restaurant spaces on the site.

City planners reviewed the initial proposal and comments were made to officials from Emerald Investment LLC, but since then no updated plans have been submitted, according to city spokesman Mike Banuelos.

The manager of Blue Spruce Auto, Bart Caddell, says that his firm has been on a monthly lease at its current location for “quite a while” and also recently made the discovery that the site may not even have the correct zoning appropriate for an auto dealership.

Lance Grooms