Booming Burden Dealing with a Lifetime of Stuff

Booming Burden Dealing with a Lifetime of Stuff

The Baby Boom Generation was a social phenomenon after World War II that brought us many of the older adults we have in the country today.  As hundreds of WWII vets returned home from fighting overseas, lots (and lots) of babies were born!  Houses were built.  People moved from the cities into the suburbs.

But, as time goes on, people get older and life happens.  In fact, about 4,800 baby boomers each day lose their parents, who leave behind a lifetime of stuff.  As baby boomers try to move on with their lives and deal with the death of their parents, they also need to figure out what to do with their parents’ belongings.  Do they put it in storage?  Do they keep it?  Throw it away?

Since this is a growing issue across the country, a new book by Julie Hall has come out dealing with this matter specifically.  It’s called “The Boomer Burden” and it is intended as a guide to help middle-aged adult children cope with the loss of their parents and what to do with all that stuff they left behind.

The book offers effective and practical advice for liquidating assets, distributing belongings, and moving through a very difficult time.  The tips in the book are respectful and can even help promote family harmony when it is so easy to argue.  The guide even touches on using moving companies and storage facilities to help those left behind through these series of events.

Jon Huser