Boxless Office Move

Boxless Office Move

It seems like everyone is going green these days.  If your company is like many others, you’ve probably noticed some environmental efforts around the office as well.  And that includes your office moving efforts.  Have you ever heard of a boxless office move?

Just like American citizens recycling and being more environmentally-conscious, offices around the country are adopting green technology in their own right.  This green technology has extended to relocation services as well.  Such moves involve environmentally-friendly techniques and devices.

Offering a “boxless move” can give a moving company a competitive edge while having less negative impact on the environment.  Corporate moving customers love it because it can save on time, money, and effort.  Boxless moves also prevent the dreaded downtime that office moves can cause.

A boxless move is exactly what it sounds like.  The contents of filing cabinets and desks are either moved inside the furniture rather than being removed or packed separately in reuseable plastic bins rented from the office moving company.  There is less volume to move and fewer trips during the move.

Movers will typically move filing cabinets and pack other items into plastic cartons and transport them fully intact.  These plastic bins are used over and over again by many relocating companies.  Computers and other office equipment are wrapped in reusable static-free bubble packs.  Smaller items that typically sit on the desk such as pen holders, desk organizers, and so on can be placed in desk drawers or the specialized transport bins.