Bronx Busted Water Main

Bronx Busted Water Main

When we think of major flooding, New York City does not usually come to mind. But, that is exactly what happened last week in the Mount Hope section of the Bronx. The city is still cleaning up after a flood of water moved through the neighborhood’s streets.

No, it wasn’t any natural disaster. A water main broke and water flowed for more than three hours. Both homes and businesses were flooded and the city’s renowned transit system was quite a mess.

New York City has one of the oldest water systems in the country. The water main that broke last week is more than 108 years old. The hole, caused a huge crater in the road, which put a snarl in traffic, which moved even slower than normal to say the least.

Traffic wasn’t the only thing that was affected. Some households were flooded by up to four feet, causing residents to relocate until repairs can be made to their homes. The Red Cross has helped to find temporary residences for some people, but cannot help replace many household items. (This is why it is a good idea to get renter’s insurance when you move.)

Officials are not sure why the water main broke. The “trunk” main is made of cast iron and is about 36 inches wide. It also happens to be a main part of the infrastructure. Needless to say, city officials are conducting a thorough investigation of what happened.

In addition to the water main, two smaller gas mains situated nearby were also broken. The same day, hundreds of calls came in from people in the area experiencing a loss of gas. In New York City, if you ever smell gas, officials advise you to call 911.

Lance Grooms