Buy a Swedish House with a Spooky History

Buy a Swedish House with a Spooky History

So, if you are considering a relocation to Sweden, you might want to really take a close look at the property you plan on buying or renting.  If you don’t you might get a really creepy surprise!

A recent listing in Sweden was really unusual – a five-bedroom house is on the market with some morbid amenities.  The five bedrooms are probably great for a growing family, but who really wants to move into a house that comes complete with a medieval tomb and a skeleton to boot?

If you’ve been looking for a house, you probably know that plenty of realtors downplay anything creepy that might prevent someone from moving into the house.  Well, in this case, the Swedish realtors aren’t concealing anything!  Both the agents and the homeowners are clearly disclosing the 800-year-old tenant.

Located in central Visby, the house is situated on the island of Gotland, in the Baltic Sea.  The house itself was built in 1750 but the foundation is even older – an old Russian church dating back to the 13th century or so.  The kitchen was built over the presbytery and the tomb, if you are so inclined to check, is visible from the cellar through a glass panel.

Sweden is beautiful so if you want to move, don’t let this particular listing stop you.  In fact, the realtors explain that the skeleton is just that, and no ghosts have been sighted, because it does rest in consecrated ground.

Jon Huser