Cam Newton Moving to Charlotte

Cam Newton Moving to Charlotte

We know you’re probably wondering what move Cam Newton is about to make – well, now we all know!  He’s moving to North Carolina, just like so many other people are now.  Newton, a first round draft pick for the NFL, will be playing for the North Carolina Panthers.

Though he would have been in his final year of college, Newton has decided to move into the world of the NFL.  Moving to Charlotte, North Carolina right away seems to be the right choice for the young man who was among the first choices in the draft after several weeks of mock drafts.

Charlotte has recently seen an influx of new residents over the past couple of years and now Cam Newton is one of them.  We hope he’s up to the task as both a confident and successful football player as well as a Charlotte resident.  And it looks like he might be – over the past weekend he made a quick appearance at a Panthers charity event.

Interestingly, Charlotte is ranked sixth in migration across the United States, which is quite impressive considering all of the cities throughout the country.  While some people question why Charlotte is so attractive to so many people, others just seem to love it and move there without any hesitation.  Charlotte’s school system is improving, and the city is growing.  Those two things alone can make a city extremely attractive to businesses, families, and professionals.

Jon Huser