Camden Firms Lure Workers to New Jersey

Camden Firms Lure Workers to New Jersey

In an effort to get more people to move to Camden, New Jersey, five different companies are offering some interesting incentives to their workers to live within the city limits. However, there are some critics that aren’t so sure that this plan will work so well.

In order to take advantage of the incentive, which company officials hope will spur a massive migration into the city, workers must move within the city limits. The plan is to lure middle-class workers into the neighborhoods near the offices of each company.

Other cities in the country are also doing similar incentives to get people to relocate to their area. These cities include Chicago, New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. These initiatives hopefully encourage people to move to these areas, work there, and buy homes. Essentially, the goal is to help rebuild the cities but also to help boost the real estate market.

Currently, the five companies that are participating in this program are Cooper University Hospital, Lourdes Medical Center, Camden County College, Rowan University at Camden, and Virtua. In addition to the incentives, each company is also offering to assist with home-buying programs throughout the area.

Though this may sound like a great idea, many critics think that it might be a challenge to actually get people to pack it up and move to Camden, New Jersey. It happens to be one of the poorest cities and has an undesirable crime rate.

Jon Huser