Can a Circus Really Help Sell Your Home?

Can a Circus Really Help Sell Your Home?

Have you heard how some realtors throw pretty lavish parties to lure buyers and brokers into their high-end listings? What did your realtor do for your open house – bring a plate of cookies or lasagna?

Apparently, when it comes to selling luxury homes, realtors have raised the bar on their open house parties. So, if you are trying to move from a multi-million dollar home, don’t be surprised if you see some of what we’re about to mention.

Recently in Santa Monica, California, the real estate agents hired a mini-circus – yes a circus! – to help sell an $8 million property. The not-so-new school of thought is that presentation is what sells the property; the price is only the gateway. Realtors today are taking that to a whole new level, obviously.

Just look at some of the popular reality real estate shows on television to get a sense of what we mean. Almost any episode of Selling L.A. or Selling New York will have an example of one of these high-end open house galas.

But what if your house isn’t a multi-million home? How do you spice up your open house to help it move off the market a little faster? Well, you certainly don’t have to hire a circus, that’s for sure!

Though it may cost a little extra, you may find it well worth the effort, especially if you need to sell fast. Perhaps you’re moving to a new town for a new job and really need the house off your hands. Here are some innovative ideas for your next open house:

  • Do a car wash
  • Hold an art show
  • Throw a tailgate party
  • Host a raffle at the open house

You’ll find that the more creative you are, the more likely you are to have a good turnout at the open house.  A good turnout means you might be moving that much faster! Good luck!

Lance Grooms