Canada may be desired country to move to

Canada may be desired country to move to

Canada may be a target for some who wish to move outside of the USA.  It is close enough to the USA to be similar in many ways, allowing individuals to move without fear of discomfort.  For those who want to move to a foreign country, it is certainly worth consideration.

Relocation to any foreign country can be highly stressful, whether it is Canada or Hong Kong.  Relocating outside of one’s comfort zone can be similar to a ‘house of cards’. One small move and everything can come tumbling down.

Canada as a choice provides many areas of enjoyment.  British Columbia, such as the Vancouver area, can be filled with beautiful log homes, temperate rainforests, and a lot of culture.  Quebec can certainly be similar to entering a foreign country with its French speakers and French cuisine.  Nova Scotia is another interesting area with its coastal location.

There are limits to those who can think about relocating to Canada though.  Unlike some of the areas outside of North America, Canada has some strict rules for immigrants.  One has to have a reason to move, such as moving for their career.  In other words, Canada requires that anyone leaving behind their own country permanently has to be able to add to the economy and industries.  A home worker would not be able to get a long-term visa, whereas a nurse might be able to make a permanent move.

Jon Huser