Candy Spelling Moves into The Carlyle

Candy Spelling Moves into The Carlyle

Believe it or not, there are some pretty posh apartment buildings in Los Angeles.  That means that some celebrities don’t live in sprawling Hollywood Hills estates.  Some simply move into apartments – that still cost a pretty penny, of course!  Ah, the world of celebrity relocations.

One of the latest celebrities to make the move into an apartment is Candy Spelling.  Earlier this month, Ms. Spelling moved from her previous home that she shared with her late husband Aaron Spelling (they’re the parents of Tori Spelling) right into The Carlyle.  However, the relocation is just temporary.

Eventually, Spelling will be looking to move into an impressive two-story penthouse, but the space hasn’t been completed yet.  It will cover 16,000 square feet upon completion.  She bought the unit back in 2008 for $47 million, but it’s apparently not finished yet.  Instead, she’s moved into a temporary home in The Carlyle.

Even though the temporary apartment is actually pretty large – 5,600 square feet – it is a lot smaller than her previous home, The Manor, which is a sprawling 56,500 square feet.  We’re wondering how she’ll like the space compared to The Manor!

The Carlyle has had plenty of famous residents over the years – Larry King, Paul Anka, and Bruce Willis have all moved in and out.  In fact, Maria Shriver also considered moving into a unit in the building after initially separating from actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jon Huser