Carefully Plan the Use and Layout of Your Storage Space

Carefully Plan the Use and Layout of Your Storage Space

Thinking about moving but you don’t have a place to put all your stuff?  What if your new house isn’t ready but you have to move out of your current home?  A self-storage facility can be a great solution for those transition periods.  But, how can you efficiently use up all of the space in your storage space?

Careful planning and preparation can help you use and layout your storage space efficiently.  In fact, you can get most out of a small self-storage unit if you think about it.  We’ve put together some ideas to help you make the storage unit as useful as possible.

First of all, never place heavy items on top of fragile or smaller items.  If you do, you run the risk of breaking your belongings.  Think of it as if you were playing with blocks – always place the larger boxes and items at the bottom and the smaller on the top.  This will allow you to maximize your storage space.

In your storage space, consider separating each part of the storage area based on the type of item.  So, for example, place all of your kitchen stuff in on area and all your garage stuff in another.  Make sure you have access to all of the items you will need so that you can get to them quickly if you need them.

When you do rent a storage facility carefully read the rental agreement and make sure there aren’t any surprises.  Always ask the managers to clarify anything you aren’t sure about – remember they are there to help you!

Jon Huser