Celebrate National Watermelon Day in your new home

Celebrate National Watermelon Day in your new home

Did you know there is a holiday called National Watermelon Day?  There are all kinds of interesting one day holidays that might help make your latest move more enjoyable.

For anyone who has just moved due to an end of the month lease, you might want to take August 3rd to celebrate National Watermelon Day and your new home.  A housewarming party has not gone out of style yet, since you can get a few items from friends to help fill your new home and find a great excuse to party.  After all, you might have to thank your friends for relocating all of your home goods.

National Watermelon Day is run by the National Watermelon Promotion Board.  This committee wanted to make certain that people recognize and celebrate the watermelon as a healthy, delicious fruit.

Recently the board conducted a study on whether seedless or seeded watermelons were being chosen in stores.  There is an overwhelming response for seedless watermelons, despite the lack of taste.  Seedless watermelons can be sweet and yummy, and perhaps it is only the individual’s imagination that the seeds make it even better.  It might just be those seed spitting contests that make seeded watermelon better.  Consider testing this theory out after your relocation celebration gets underway, as you might have an opinion on whether it is the seeds, the move, or just your preference that makes watermelon taste great.  The day is definitely a great excuse to have fun.

Lance Grooms