Celebrate Washington’s Birthday by exploring your new city

Celebrate Washington’s Birthday by exploring your new city

If you have recently moved around the USA to Washington DC, Virginia or Massachusetts, you have a lot to explore.  These are some of the top destinations in the US because of their history and some of the potential jobs you can find.  If you have yet to move consider taking Washington’s Birthday as a way to explore your new city.  You may decide that the move is well worth it after you have explored a place such as DC or Virginia.

Relocation is not always a choice, but if you have one and you consider city life to be something you want, there is definitely something about Washington DC that will make it perfect.  On Washington’s Birthday consider visiting Ford’s Theater or the Smithsonian.  You can get a real feel for the city by going around the different neighborhoods or looking at a potential home to move into.

Virginia was home to eight presidents, including George Washington and James Madison.  Virginia is also close enough to DC to experience the amazing beauty of the capitol, but also far enough away for you to find affordable housing to relocate to.

Mount Vernon should be on the list if you visit Virginia over Washington’s Birthday to find your new home.  If you have already moved then it will be the best day to explore the important home of our first president.  Alexandria, Virginia is another important city next to DC.  There are plenty of historic sites to visit.

Jon Huser