Checklist for a week before a move

Checklist for a week before a move

When you move there are plenty of check lists that you will create.  These lists will keep you on target as you get ready for your relocation.  You should already be keeping a record of the moving expenses incurred so far, such as moving supplies, in the event you can write them off.  You also need to start draining any gas or oil from lawn mowers, snow blowers, chain saws or other equipment you might have.

Prepare a box that will be last on and first off of the moving company van.  It should have kitchen, bathroom, medication and other necessary essentials.  You may also want to have access to a toolbox with nails, screws and other household tools you might need when you first arrive at your new place.  Keeping these supplies handy will make it easy when you arrive at your new place or before you arrive should you need something in an emergency.

When moving with children, get your children involved in what they want for their treasure box.  Be sure to include toys, games and snacks in the box so that they can be comfortable on the trip.  If you will move your fridge with you, make certain to defrost and clean the freezer and fridge sections on the day before the move.  It will prevent any issues with smell, especially if it will be turned off for more than two or three days.

Being winter right now requires you to remove snow and ice from the driveway, steps and sidewalks to ensure that the movers and you will be safe.

Lance Grooms