Checklist for those who are moving

Just the very thought of moving can cause some people to break out into a cold sweat.  Any kind of change can result in stress, according to the experts, and moving is certainly one of the biggest changes that life can throw at us.  In order to get prepared for a move we must also get motivated in order to get many extra tasks completed in addition to our normal activities.

Having a checklist of things to do can help us a lot.  Some of the tips included in the checklist might seem obvious, but it is surprising how helpful these reminders can be when we get fully caught up in the hustle and bustle of the relocation process.  Proactive measures need to be taken when moving.

One vital tip is to get together all your most important documents and papers and make sure that they have been secured.  There are a number of things that we should not put in a box for the moving company to carry as they absolutely cannot be misplaced or lost, including address books, bank statements, credit cards and statements, irreplaceable items of memorabilia, marriage records, photos, resumes, stock certificates and telephone numbers.

If you are renting your current home, you should make certain that you are well prepared for checkout.  Have your final paid bills ready for the agent and be sure to have checked your current meter readings.  Double-check that you are completely packed and ready to go.