Choosing a Home Inspector

Choosing a Home Inspector

When you are getting ready to move and you already own your own home, chances are you will need a home inspector.  You’ve probably heard of this requirement, but do you actually know why?  A home inspector is an important aspect of selling your home before you relocate.

A home inspector can help you get the most money from the sale of your home which is always good right before you move, so it is an important decision.  Here’s how to choose a good home inspector:

•    Check out the laws and regulations in your state and make sure your home inspector  meets them.
•    A good home inspector should have proper experience and training.
•    Check to make sure that the home inspector is licensed or belongs to a professional home inspection organization.
•    The best inspectors typically charge more than their less experienced counterparts.  Paying more upfront for a quality inspector could save you in the long-run.
•    Ask to see a sample of the inspectors home inspection report.  You’ll want the report to be detailed and easy to understand.

It is important to remember that every inspector is different.  So, as you consider choosing a home inspector before you relocate, consider the factors mentioned above.  Remember, the home inspector is going to be your friend when it comes to preparing to sell your home and moving into your new place.

Jon Huser