Choosing Your Airplane Seat

If you’re moving across the country or traveling for work, chances are you might be boarding an airplane in the near future. Air travel can be just as stressful as moving – delays, crowded planes, and tight overhead spaces are never fun. But did you know that you don’t have to settle for the seat the airline assigns you?

Sure, you’re thinking you’ll be able to kick back and relax in a state of the art hotel room once you land, but why not make the trip there more comfortable? Here are six easy tips to getting the airplane seat you want:

  1. Check Out – This website offers airplane seat maps for more than 60 different airlines including dimensions and other details. This can help you research the best seat in the house!
  2. Update Your Preferences – The airline can’t give you the seat you want unless you tell them what you like. Take the time to fill out your profile when you join a frequent flyer program.
  3. Book online – Most airlines today allow you to look for available seating before you book your flights online.  Looking prior could help you avoid the crowded plane and book a later or earlier flight with more open seating.
  4. Improve Your Status – Airlines often give preference to frequent travelers, so join their program! This way you’ll have a better chance of a preferred seat.
  5. Check In Online – Checking in online may allow you to select a better seat. Take advantage of this.
  6. Visit the Airport Lounge – The airport lounge isn’t just for relaxing with a drink before the flight. It is a great place to get detailed information … and yes, possibly change your seat assignment.

Now that we’ve shared these tips to improving your airplane seat assignment, we wish you the best of luck on your next trip!

Lance Grooms