Cinco de Mayo on its way

Cinco de Mayo on its way

Cinco de Mayo has fast become a holiday for the USA to celebrate as much as Mexico.  This Mexican holiday commemorates the victory of the Mexican army over the French back in 1862.  In the US the holiday has evolved beyond the normal celebrations in Mexico, as it is a way to celebrate the Mexican heritage and culture.  Partly the holiday has become important due to the large American-Mexican population and partly because it is celebrated in Spanish classes as a means to learn more.

Around the US there will be Cinco de Mayo parades, mariachi music, street festivals, and great food.  The 5th is on Saturday for 2012, allowing for many to enjoy their local festivals without worry of skipping work.  As a weekend it is bound to be full of life, fun and music in plenty of cities throughout the US and Mexico.

For those who have just moved to a new town it may be a way to get to know the neighbors or explore the downtown area when there is a festival going on.  Festivals tend to change the downtown area of many cities with streets blocked off, street vendors, music, and plenty of entertainment.  It can be a way for a new arrival in a city to learn more about the place, as well as see how fun their new town can be.

For those who plan a move this coming weekend, be aware that it may be slightly difficult to travel into the downtown sections of large cities, at least on Saturday.  Of course you probably will be able to book a rental truck or moving company for that day more than other days in the summer, considering that it is a holiday and many may not wish to move this weekend.

Holidays can be great times to relocate because most families and individuals are concentrating on their celebrations over relocating from one town to another.  It might be the right time to hire a moving company if you prefer to have someone else do the work.

Cinco de Mayo is just one of the upcoming holidays in May, so if you have too many plans for a move or cannot get downtown to explore the celebration there will be plenty more to come, such as Memorial Day to get your summer started right.  Cinco de Mayo may be a Mexican holiday, but you can certainly enjoy the heritage, culture and cooking on Saturday.  There are plenty of dishes that you might wish to try, from salsa with cream cheese to burritos loaded with beans, rice and other goodies.

Cinco de Mayo is definitely a holiday to meet the neighbors when you have just moved, since you might find the entire neighborhood has decided to hold a block party or the apartment complex may use it as a way to open the upcoming summer with a holiday celebration for all.  There is really no limit when it comes to holidays and how you can get used to your new place.

Jon Huser