Clear the Clutter and Sell Your House

Clear the Clutter and Sell Your House

As you probably already know, the better your house looks when people come to view it, the better your chances are of selling it.  So, how do you make the most out of your home’s décor and sell your house when you are getting ready to move?  You don’t have to be a professional decorator to make your home look nice.  One way to improve the overall look of your home is to simply clean out the clutter.

Of course, curb appeal also helps sell your home.  So, start with your yard.  When potential buyers view the outside of your home, they are picturing themselves living inside it when they move.  So, clean up your landscaping and get rid of any weeds that might be growing.  You may also want to hire a professional landscaper to manicure your lawn.  Additionally, make sure your children’s toys are put away neatly and everything has a place in the garage or shed.

Clutter puts you at a disadvantage.  If you live inside a cluttered home, you may not be able to see the disarray, but the buyer definitely can.  Often when a person is shopping for a home, when they prepare to relocate, they cannot separate the clutter from the rest of the house.  So, get rid of the clutter inside as well as out.  If you aren’t ready to throw out, donate, or sell your possessions or even rent a storage space for the time being.

So, how do you get rid of the clutter before you move and sell that house even faster?  One way to do so is to hire a professional stager.  A stager is a person who will come and organize your home and place furniture and accessories just so.  If this is not something you can afford, you will need to do the work on your own.  The first step is to make the house neutral.

Here are some particular areas you should pay attention to when decluttering your home:

  • Keeping furniture to a minimum makes the space look larger.
  • Make sure that your foyer and mudroom are not piled up with shoes, umbrellas, and coats.
  • Take personal pictures down before you begin showing your home.
  • Get rid of old magazines, books, and newspapers.
  • Organize the wires under your desk, by televisions, and other electronic equipment so it doesn’t look messy.
  • Don’t keep bottles of medicine, tissue boxes, or anything else on tables or nightstands.
  • Keep kitchen countertops clear of too many countertop appliances and decorations.
  • Take everything off the refrigerator.
  • Get rid of any houseplants that aren’t healthy.
  • Always make your beds.
  • Keep extra shoes, clothes, and toys off the floor.
  • Spruce up your bathrooms with fresh soap, flowers, and clean towels.
  • Put razors, toothbrushes, and toiletries away.
  • Clean out your closets so they aren’t packed.

– Jon Huser