College Students Taking the First Step Away From Home

College Students Taking the First Step Away From Home

What do students need to take with them for dorm room living? Moving away from home to the college dorm can be a very exciting time.  However, many new students tend to be a little hesitant when it comes to moving to a new place.  Meeting new people and acclimating to a new town can be a challenge.

So, if you are getting ready to leave home for the first time, you might want to consider moving to the dorms.  Living in the dorms will give you a good chance to get to know people in the area, learn the new city, and get used to your school.

What’s Provided?

Once you’ve selected the dorm you’ll be moving into, you really do need to figure out what the residence will provide.  Usually, the dorms provide a bed, desk, closet, dresser, and curtains.  Get a list in advance so that you are prepared for what you will need to bring.

Before you move into the dorm, you’ll also need to figure out what you can bring with you when you move in.  You might want to bring an extra piece of furniture, but remember that many dorm rooms are quite small, so you’ll also need to know what will fit.

Electronics and Appliances

Always check with the administrative staff before you move into the dorm to find out what types of electronics you can bring.  Most of the time, dorm students are allowed to bring a television, DVD player, hot plate, and a small fridge.  Often, the electrical output per room is limited.

Although this isn’t a comprehensive list of things to consider when moving to the dorm, it’s a good start.

Jon Huser