Colorado residents temporarily move

Colorado residents temporarily move

Two families will need to permanently change addresses or rebuild their homes after a recent Colorado fire.  Conditions have been dry in certain parts of Colorado, including a town with only 300 residents.

On Sunday the town had to evacuate all 300 people because of a fire spreading rapidly due to the wind.  The fire destroyed two homes.  This has created a sad situation for these families.  The fire started south of Yuma and spread towards the town of Eckley.  This is why the town was evacuated.  Firefighters suffered a few minor injuries as they worked to put the fire out.

The emergency manager stated that the fire was about ten miles long and a mile and a half in width.  Families that had to temporarily move will be allowed back into the town once the fire is completely out and there is no more danger.  Two of the families, and possibly more, will need to relocate to a new home.

Colorado is no stranger to wild fires and the latest fire is a reminder of the many fires that have ravaged California in the past.  Relocating due to fire is not always pleasant, but if an individual is considering moving to a dry area it is certainly a factor that should be considered.  Living in these areas does bring a danger of fire, but then again other places around the US can lead to issues such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or other inclement weather. Any choice needs to be about job prospects and the cost of living over the weather concerns.

Jon Huser