Common Home Staging Mistakes

Common Home Staging Mistakes

The reality of it is that it is a competitive buyer’s market right now.  So, if you are getting ready to move and need to sell your home quickly, the right home staging is essential.  Successful staging can actually mean the difference between selling your house right away and having it sit on the market.  When it comes to home staging, there are plenty of mistakes to avoid.  Check these out.


Misunderstanding Home Staging

First of all, home staging is not a way to cover up for poor maintenance and structural problems.  You still need to make sure your house is in good condition for the sale.  Home staging makes your house appealing to the prospective buyer.  If done right, your house will move off the market more quickly.

Getting Too Personal


The key to good home staging is to not get too personal.  Home staging is meant to create a neutral canvas that will appeal to the majority of buyers.  This way, they can actually picture themselves moving into the home as their own without being influenced by your personal taste.  So, put the more personal décor into storage – bright colors, family photos, and the like are all big “no-nos.”

Forgetting to Stage Storage Areas


All too often people forget that someone considering buying the house will open the cupboards and closets.  So, you need to declutter every aspect of your home – including the storage areas.  This is therefore a great time to clean out your closets and get rid of all your old junk!

Jon Huser