Considerations for Moving

Considerations for Moving

Before deciding to move there are some things to consider.

Obtaining a new job may make you move without much contemplation, but you really do need to think hard before making a move.  Your new job may seem like the perfect opportunity, but it could turn out to be a disaster.  Even if you motives for relocation are tied to retirement, it is better to consider all sides of the change you are about to make.

Compare the cost of living

The cost of living needs to be one of the first things you check out about a new city, town or state.  For instance, Washington and Florida are two states that do not charge State Income Tax.  This can be a benefit.  Alaska, as an example, has one of the higher rates regarding cost of living.  Towns that are more remote will also have a higher cost of living.  In Oregon, gas attendants are required to fill your tank and fuel costs are often higher there than in a state such as Colorado.


Though we would like to think that any place we move to would be safe, that is not always the case.  There are plenty of details available online to help you find relocation information about crime in the area you are considering moving to.  You might find the suburb you considered has a high rate of crime, but another one twenty minutes away is safer.

Schools, median income, housing values and weather should all be part of your moving decision.

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