Create a moving day checklist

Create a moving day checklist

The decision to move usually means that you create a checklist of what to pack in order to stay on track for the move.  On moving day you also need to have a checklist that will help you with the last minute relocation details.

On moving day you will have last minute cleaning to do.  You will need to take out the garbage to ensure that you leave nothing behind that may cause unpleasant odors.  Make certain you turn the water heater down and the thermostat is set at 55 degrees.  If it is summer you may be able to turn the thermostat off completely.

Make certain you have your overnight bag too.  There are items you will need that first night in your new place.  If you have a long ways to travel, such as overseas or across the country, you probably need more than just an overnight bag.  You do not want to pay unnecessary fees for items you packed too early or forgot all together.

If you are moving alone, let your family or a friend know your itinerary.  In this way if an issue occurs you are able to find the help you need.  If there is a manager of your location make certain they walk through the place with you, so that they can see how you left the place and avoid any issues that might arise.  Get a copy of all the paperwork, including any damage report, for your records.

Jon Huser