Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) taken to hospital after traffic accident

Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) taken to hospital after traffic accident

Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, was released from hospital on Tuesday after being taken there due to minor injuries, which were the result of an accident in his SUV early on Tuesday morning.

The incident happened in New York and 50 Cent’s publicist announced that he is fine.  The SUV, which is bulletproof, was rear-ended by a heavy-duty vehicle – a Mack truck – on the Long Island Expressway.  He was taken to Queens to be checked out for his injuries, which included minor neck and back injuries.  Keesha Johnson, who is the spokesperson at DKC, stated that 50 Cent is fine and was released almost as soon as he was taken to the hospital.

50 Cent is considered the fifth hip-hop artist in terms of wealth, according to Forbes.  He has a net worth of $110 million.  He has already had two Billboard number 1 albums including his 2003 debut album, which sold around six million copies just in the US.  His 2005 album netted him five million in record sales.  Like many rappers, especially those who live in New York, it is necessary to travel in style in a vehicle such as the bulletproof SUV to avoid any unnecessary danger.

50 Cent has also done a little acting on screen, helping his fame to grow.  Fans can be relieved that he was unharmed and that any upcoming schedule will go on and he will continue to work on up and coming projects.

Jon Huser