Cutting Back on Moving Costs

Cutting Back on Moving Costs

With so much coverage in the news about our country’s huge deficit, we thought we’d talk a little bit about cutting costs. Everyone knows that moving can be expensive. While you won’t be able to cut the cost of everything, we’ve got some ideas on how you can save a little on your next relocation.

First of all, you’ll want to do a little math. Will it be cheaper for you to hire a moving company or do it yourself? The cost will really depend on how far you’re moving, how much stuff you’ve got, and what your schedule is. Fuel and one-way rentals can cost a pretty penny; not to mention lost time and potential injuries.

If you decide to use a moving company, these tips should help you reduce your overall relocation cost. In fact, some of these suggestions might even work for a DIY move:

  1. Lessen Your Load. If you have stuff you don’t need, don’t move with it. Give it away or sell it.
  2. Move During Off-Season. The time of year you move will also affect the cost. Peak moving season is usually between late April and early August, so pick a month outside that window if possible.
  3. Ask for a Discount. It never hurts to ask for a better price.
  4. Be Flexible. The more flexible you are with scheduling, the cheaper your move will be.
  5. Be Ready. The more prepared you are for the moving company, the better. You might get charged extra if the movers have to end up packing up last minute things.

Jon Huser