Cutting Your Electricity Bills After You Move

Cutting Your Electricity Bills After You Move

Moving into a new home can be an exciting chapter in your life, but it can also be quite expensive.  So, how can you save some money once you’ve moved into your new house?

A great way to save some money is to work at cutting your electricity bills.  Soaring oil prices across the globe as well as other international factors usually have a direct effect on what we pay for our utilities.  So, even though you will be paying more for electricity in general, there are some ways to keep that bill low after you move.  Here’s how:

  • Turn Off the Lights – Turn off your lights when no one is using a room.  If no one is in there, why have the lights on?
  • Adjust the Thermostat – Raise or lower the temperature when using your air conditioner and heater.  A simple change of just three to five degrees can translate into dollars!
  • Use CFL Bulbs – Those new CFL bulbs really do cut your electricity consumption, which means they also help cut your costs.  They do cost more to buy, but they last a lot longer.
  • Unplug Gadgets – If you aren’t using something, go ahead and unplug it.  This means unplugging most electrical items like the microwave, toaster, and cable box.
  • Use a Laptop – A laptop will actually use less energy than a desktop computer.  Additionally, the computer will also use less energy, and therefore cut your costs, than the television, so why not download your favorite TV shows and watch them online?

While these tips and tricks won’t reduce your electricity bill to nothing, you may find that you start saving up to 30% or 40% each month.  Who doesn’t want to save money, especially after moving into a new home?  You can put that cash to something else – like new curtains!

Jon Huser