Dallas-Fort Worth affected by tornadoes

Dallas-Fort Worth affected by tornadoes

Families will need to find temporary relocation until the damage is cleared from the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Tornadoes wreaked havoc in Texas in Dallas and an area called Lancaster.  Tractors and trailers were thrown around as though they were toys, airlines had to cancel flights, and damage can be seen stretching for a few miles wherever the tornadoes touched down.

Though no one likes having to relocate because of a natural disaster such as tornadoes, there does seem to be plenty of help on the way to help families that may have lost homes or have damaged homes.

Some families will suffer from a temporary move as they get proper repairs on their homes, while others will need to face rebuilding or a permanent move due to the effects of the tornadoes.

Luckily, there have not been any fatalities reported, but there were quite a few injuries.  One of the tornadoes touched the ground about five miles to the east of Dallas’ downtown district.  It seems about two or three tornadoes were the cause of all of the damage.  Much of the damage came from tractors or big rigs that were left on the road or at depots while people remained inside to protect themselves.  A rig weighing a couple of tons falling on a road or into a building creates quite a mess.  Hail damage was another issue during the tornado’s wrath.  Quite a few people reported that huge hail balls damaged their property.  Even the airport had issues with the hail.

Lance Grooms