Dealing with Bad Neighbors

Dealing with Bad Neighbors

When you are getting ready to move, you can absolutely choose where you live, but you can’t choose your neighbors.  While many people get along well with their neighbors, others are not so fortunate.  You may have a neighbor that steals your morning paper or always takes your parking spot.  But don’t worry, you don’t have to move yet; here are some things you can try first.


Talk to your neighbors and perhaps you can resolve things civilly.  You may even be surprised to learn that your neighbors don’t even realize that they are “bad” and will change quite quickly.  Explain the situation calmly.  If it doesn’t work, then you can think about moving!

Document It

If there are incidents that involve your neighbors, document them.  If the problem escalates to legal action, such a list will be quite useful.  Additionally, if you cannot get anywhere by talking to your neighbors, move on to sending them a letter.

Bring in the Reinforcements

You may want to pull in the reinforcements if the problems persist.  That means calling your landlord or management company if you have them.  If you are a homeowner, you may call or your homeowner’s association or the police if your neighbors continue with loud disturbances or any activity which is actually breaking the law.

So, before you actually pack everything up and move just because you don’t get along with your neighbors, talk to them and try to work it out.  If that is not possible, take it to the next level.  But remember, if you are a good neighbor, hopefully your neighbors will get the hint!

– Jon Huser